LUNA #1 One Per Store Thank you Variant-c (Auction Over!)

LUNA #1 One Per Store Thank you Variant-c

Luna #1 (2021) Maria Llovet One Per Store Thank You Variant Cover Boom! Studios
Llovet,Maria (S,P,CA)

For fans of Faithless and Die comes a new dark thriller from acclaimed writer & artist Maria Llovet about a young woman named Teresa, who's plagued by prophetic dreams that connect her to something powerful, something...divine. * When Teresa fatefully crosses paths with the Family of the Sun, she believes them to be exactly what anyone else in the late '60s would expect - a hippie cult whose leader claims to have met the divine. * But secret blood rituals, powerful drugs and sex runneth amok will bring Teresa face-to-face with the truth about the Family, herself and the dark secret behind her dreams. * Immortality, magic and alchemy, and the true power of enduring love collide in this new series for Mature Readers.

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